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Heartland Acres Needs Your Help!

Friends, directors, staff and supporters of Heartland Acres,

We need your help!

Vote for Heartland Acres for Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area People’s Choice “Site of the Year” here with the first round of voting starting Monday, March 16 and ending March 22. Second round voting starts March 24 – 30.

More information on the Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area People’s Choice “Site of the Year” can be found on the Silos & Smokestacks website.

Heartland Acres brings our agricultural heritage to life in an engaging and interesting way for visitors to learn. Visitors gain an understanding of agricultural innovations and issues which help them to grow and be inspired by our rich agricultural heritage. This is what makes Heartland Acres stand out and worthy of the 2015 Silos and Smokestacks “Site of the Year” award.

We won in 2010 and are asking for your help again to make it happen again. Please vote for Heartland Acres and get your friends and family to vote too!

About Us

Heartland Acres Agribition Center is an exhibition of agriculture’s past, present, and future in the National Heritage Area of Northeast Iowa. Located in Independence, Iowa and sitting on 16 acres, Heartland Acres is a premiere location to teach visitors the importance of agriculture and the overall impact it has on EVERYONE…even YOU.

Mission Statement

Heartland Acres Agribition Center is a regional, agricultural based tourism venue committed to educate visitors about the past, present, and future of Iowa Agriculture: using “State of the Art” interactive, interpretive themes and partnerships with leading agricultural entities.

Vision Statement

Heartland Acres Agribition Center is committed to the introduction and enhancement of visitor’s knowledge of agricultural related initiatives from the past, present, and future.

What is Agribition?

We often get asked, “What does agribition stand for?” Simply put, agribition is a combination of the major aspects of the Agribition Center. In the whole scope of things, our project will focus on the exhibition of agricultural developments from the past, present and future of farming in America.