Visitor Testimonials

Read what our visitors have to say about their experience at Heartland Acres Agribition Center!


It depicts early agriculture to present in an easy access format. Video, animals, one-room schoolhouse are all great. There is a changing exhibit that is always excellent. There are some hands on exhibits like milking a cow. In the spring there are baby chicks hatching. Antique cars are an added attraction. Machinery is also there. Very handicap friendly. Looks like a real barn and silo.
~Betty A.
Supporting my home town, and some what centrally located!~Lisa F.
A great way to promote agriculture in Iowa—and to see methods used over the years. ~Beulah F.
It is a very neat museum, well organized and lots to see for young & old. ~Gary M.
I feed the animals some days and my dad works there. ~Hannah J.
Its a ‘class act’ museum and I have a display there. ~Curtis S.
Heartland has great exhibits and tells the story of our agricultural heritage in a very nice setting. ~Richard S.
I chose this site because it is a great representation of Iowa. There is so much history that everyone enjoys learning about when they visit Heartland Acres. We have taken our second graders to Heartland Acres for the past few years. The volunteers are very knowledgeable and are able to share this love of history with our students. ~Jenny P.
Great story to be told. ~Brian M.
I have been to this Museum multiple time and totally enjoyed my visit. There staff is outstanding!! ~Jeffrey C.
Its a great place for every age group!
~Cheryl H.
They make the facility open and available for everyone to use and enjoy. With ISU Ag extension outreach, it’s a natural fit for a multitude of ag related functions. The ag museum and history is valuable to all walks of life. The availability of a large gathering place is a benefit for community events and family celebrations. ~Dan F.
The importance of our rich agriculture history is disappearing from the landscape. At Heartland Acres you can see and experience the past and learn why it is important to the whole world. ~Patty P.
My hometown, a town that believes in preserving its historical beginnings on the Wapsipinicon river. I love Independence, Iowa. ~Marcia H.
Heartland Acres Agribition Center in Independence continues to exhibit many displays and hands on activates to tell the story of our agricultural heritage. Education and entertainment come together year round to help visitors understand how important agriculture is to our society. Exciting displays, farm animals (seasonally), historic and modern farm implements help visitors understand agriculture and the transformation which has taken place over the last 150 years. ~Craig J.
A fine acclimation to the SSNHA right on a major interstate. An ideal location! ~Steve E.
I have toured the facility and love all that it has to offer. ~Laura W.
Its a very nice place to tour. From very old displays to newer generation tractors and older equipment. Something for everyone. ~James A.



This is an excellent site to visit for both young and old. Well done and follows history well. I always enjoy visiting this facility and the Iowa pride shown for the past and present in the presentations. ~Judi N.
It’s a fascinating place to visit. ~Nancy W.
Great place. Lots of information. Good people.
~Gene M.
It is great for Iowa. ~Fred S.
Heartland Acres has so much to offer! ~Meredith M.
Heartland Acres offers a lot for the old and young alike. Great place to spend an afternoon exploring agriculture from the past and present. They also have an awesome car collection. Lots of hands on activities. With Spring here, they will soon have the baby animals along with Red Kneck Tony, Omaha and Princess who live there year round. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit Heartland Acres, I’d encourage you to put it on your list of Iowa sites to see. ~Susan J.
It is insuring the education of agriculture to children. ~Faye F.
Heartland Acres is very educational and neat and clean. It reaches out to both young and old. ~Paul W.
The site is well designed and conducts excellent programs. They have an excellent marketing program. The board is very active and they have strong financial backing. ~Richard Bice
Heartland Acres is truly a treasure to Iowa. I’m glad that I finally took the time to get off Highway 20 and go in after years of driving by. Probably the most significant part of the museum that interested me was the wonderful collection of antique cars on display. Being heavily involved in the antique car community, I was shocked to find such a varied and significant collection in a museum that focus’ mainly on farming interests. Again, a true treasure for our state. ~Jim M.
There are soooo many different aspects to the older ways of life here, that you’re absolutely bound to find at least some part of it interesting to you! I’m from a farm background and just loved seeing the different areas. The artistry on the walls is simply stupendous. I’ve been here several times already and waiting to come back again! ~Sandi C.
Well organized information, detailing the agribition center and it’s displays. ~Erik B.
Given that fact that so few people have direct ties to agriculture… it is very important that we tell them our story. Consumers need to understand how food was produced, is produced now and how it will be produced in the future. We can’t feed the world today, with the technology and practices that we used to grow food with 50 or 100 years ago.~Terry J.
Heartland Acres does and excellent job of preserving and educating people about the history of agriculture. ~Jeff D.
They provide many educational opportunities for our students. ~Helen L.
Heartland Acres Agribition Center is a staple in our community and provides an excellent place for locals and visitors to learn about our agricultural history. ~Jenny Y.
Carver students are very grateful to Mr. Johnson for taking them on a journey through the history of farming, and for taking the time to answer inquiry questions about life in the past.  ~Mrs. Donna Schmitt